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Our Story

In the vibrant spring of 2020, just like a bunch of other folks, they found themselves in a whirlwind of stir-craziness and solo-dancing due to that global pandemic shindig. But hold on to your party hats, because guess what? The pandemic wasn't the only party crasher here!

Picture a world where birthday bashes turned into honking parades, kiddos magically became classroom wizards in their living room lairs, and Zoom was the star of the show for digital hangouts. Socializing was like spotting a unicorn – super rare! Outdoor escapades became legends of yore as parks, courts, camps, and hangout spots locked up like secrets behind a treasure chest. This gang was seriously craving a getaway, a secret sanctuary to shake off their cabin fever, pump up the happy vibes, and bring back that sweet, sweet normal flavor.

And voila! The crew stumbled upon the mountain marvel of Eagle-Vail, CO, where pickleball, that under-the-radar gem of a game beloved by the wise and wonderful, had cast its spell on the locals. Turns out, pickleball was the potion for them – social, heart-pounding, and conveniently right next door to their crash pad. It was as easy to get into as eating a slice of pizza, and addictive as munching a bag of chips. Even after waving goodbye to the mountains and heading back to Denver, CO, when summer wrapped up, Tamar's passion for pickleball and the rad community it conjured only got stronger.

Fueled by this newfound pickleball power, they decided to whip up Super Fly Goods – a fab gear and groovy accessories brand with a splash of 70s sass. But hold on, this wasn't just for pickleball fanatics; it was for anyone who dug cool style on and off the court. Time did its thing, and Super Fly Goods expanded their groove to golf, tennis, and yoga – becoming the ultimate lifestyle vibe for trendy treasures across the board. Whether you're out playing or just hanging, their slick gear and funky accessories let you rock a playful, retro flair. It's all about celebrating the groove of movement, zen vibes, and that sporty love in a way that screams community and culture.

The Super Fly Goods mission? Oh, it's simple – bring out a lineup of goodies that shout out these vibes loud and proud.